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Language: GermanEnglishMultilingual*Genre: ActionFunManagerRoleplaySimulationStrategyTycoonSetting: Ancient WorldFantasyPresent AgeMedievalModern AgePiratesSportStone AgeUnderwaterSpaceWild WestFutureOtherType: Download-GameBrowsergameMobilegameNumber of players: MinorHighHugeRound length: Endless1 - 4 weeks1 - 3 month3 - 6 month6 - 9 month9 - 12 month1 year and moreExpenditure of time: CasualStandardHigh
Hello, im MIKEY!

I like to help you on your search for a game that match your criteria, after all this is my mission in life! I ensure you, i know what im doing and you are in good hands!

First of all choose a keyword from the list above and im gonna start to search directly. You can also combine different keywords with each other to make it a little bit more difficult for me. Dont worry, i can handle that! ;)

*Multilingual Games are available in English but also in another languages
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